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Compounding has opened doors for patients with a wider range of treatment options and who have previously been limited by commercially prepared medications.

It is against this background that we have set up a compounding lab with the state-of-art equipment in order to create individualised tailor-made medicines specially designed for you.

Standard of Quality

When it comes to choosing a Compounding Pharmacy, Newmarket Day & Night Compounding Pharmacy is your best option for professionally compounded medications that provides results and made to the highest standard of quality as required by the Pharmacy Industry.

7 Days

We are open 7 days a week and unlike other pharmacies, have a dedicated Pharmacist available to answer any customer queries every day of the week.

We Can Prepare:

Customised medications free of dyes, lactose, sugar or alcohol
Medications that are currently commercially unavailable
Specific dosage forms designed for each individual
Unique dosage forms not commercially available such as troches, lollipops, etc
Combination medications in a single dosage form for better compliance

Staff and Preparation

We have highly qualified professional staff who have undergone extensive training from American university professors. We also have access to various international database of formulae, methods of preparation, labelling and storage requirements and quality control standards.