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Services – Medical Certificate

Medical Certificate

Pharmacists were given the authority to issue Medical Certificates, also known as “Absence from Work Certificates” under the Fair Work Act in 2009. These certificates can be issued for a person who is ill or injured or for a Carer of someone who is ill or injured. They are not applicable for parental leave.

Our experienced Pharmacists at Newmarket Day & Night Compounding Pharmacy are available to conduct consultations for Medical Certificates throughout the day. However it is recommended that you ring up for an appointment prior to coming in-store in order to avoid any delay. Please note that a cost will apply for this service.

It is also important to emphasise that Pharmacists can only issue Medical Certificates for medical conditions that they are professionally qualified and trained to assess. Medical Certificates cannot be back-dated. When issuing Medical Certificates for a Carer, the person who is ill or injured must be present as well.